Euro Treasure Hunt

Welcome to the exhilarating world of the treasure hunt! Your quest for the hidden treasure will take you on an adventure across the enchanting countries of Europe. The location of the precious treasure remains shrouded in mystery, and it is up to you to unravel the secrets and discover which country holds the key.

Embark on this thrilling journey armed with a series of challenging tasks, each of which will bring you closer to your ultimate destination. You have the freedom to tackle these tasks in any order you prefer, allowing you to strategize and put your problem-solving skills to the test.

With each solved task, you’ll be one step nearer to the prize, eliminating the states from your list as you go along. Through a clever elimination system, your path will gradually converge, ultimately leading you to the single state that guards the hidden treasure. Be the first to unveil the correct answer, and the treasure shall be yours to claim, crowning you the triumphant winner!

To aid you in your noble quest, there is a detailed map of European countries. Utilize these resources, gather your wits, brace yourself for the challenges ahead, and may the winds of fortune guide you as you set forth on this captivating treasure hunt across the captivating lands of Europe!



Once, there stood a single united country, but today we have several distinct nations. Your mission is to keenly identify and remove from the list all the countries that were once part of this unified state, depicted here:

Glory and freedom

Employ the aid of Shazam or utilize the microphone option on the Google search engine to identify the national anthem of a country. Your task is to then remove that country from your list of potential locations.


Hidden flag

Embark on a captivating search within these very walls, for concealed among them is the flag of a Scandinavian country. Your mission is to astutely locate and identify the hidden flag, then promptly eliminate the corresponding country from the list.


Mouse and elephant

Within this vast array of nations, your task is to seek out and eliminate the two countries that hold the titles of largest and smallest in terms of size.


Noble Nobel

Now you have portraits of four esteemed Nobel Prize laureates. Your task is to unveil the countries they hail from and subsequently eliminate those four nations from the list.

To aid you in your quest, here’s a bonus clue: Calculate the sum of their birth years, and you’ll obtain a unique four-digit number. Combine this number with the address (e.g. if the sum is 1234, you should enter, and a new page shall reveal itself, providing you with additional instructions.


Eternal friends

Αφαιρέστε από τη λίστα δύο χώρες όπου η επίσημη γλώσσα είναι η ελληνική.



Ah, a delightful twist in this enigmatic treasure hunt! As you unfold the paper within the envelope, you’ll find the names of two countries intricately intertwined. Like a beautiful dance of words, they weave together. You have to unravel this elegant entanglement and decipher the names of both countries. Once you have successfully untangled the puzzle, seize your pen and boldly cross off these two nations from the list before you.


Devil in the details

Your mission is to keenly observe every aspect of the picture, using your powers of deduction to identify the city and subsequently remove its country from the list.


La la la

Delve into the world of Eurovision, where the years 2009 and 2019 hold the secrets you seek. Your mission is to identify the countries that claimed victory in these two momentous years and gracefully remove them from the list.


Two more





As you open the envelope, you’ll discover a peculiar display of a keyboard with certain letters conspicuously absent. Could this be the key to unlocking new secrets and guiding your quest towards uncharted territories? Explore the intriguing arrangement of letters and the subtle omissions, for it may lead you to uncover the name of another country to cross off the list.



Welcome, intrepid treasure hunters, to an egg-citing challenge that holds the secrets of a hidden land. Begin by carefully examining the six cards hidden in the egg. Identify the colors on each card. Cross out any colors that do not appear on any European flag. Determine the European flag that includes the remaining colors. Exclude not only the enigmatic country but also all its neighboring nations from the list.



Step into the realm of alchemy and embark on this intriguing chemical quest. On the table, you’ll find a plastic glass with dice, holding a secret to be unveiled. Count the dice and perform a calculation, using only what you need (remember: some dice are redundant!) The result shall be a magical two-digit number that holds the key to your next step.

Wander to a mystical table of symbols awaits your scrutiny. Find the symbol that corresponds to the number you’ve obtained. That very symbol is enshrined on a single national flag of a European country. With the magic of deduction, cross that country off the list.



Prepare yourself for a captivating challenge that transcends borders! Before you stand four flags, each hailing from a non-European country. As you uncover their identities, you’ll notice a fascinating similarity in their names. Within this pattern, you shall discover their little European brother. With a keen eye and an observant mind, seek out this sibling and confidently cross it off the list.


Block them!

Check out the table with lettered dice. One sneaky letter (just one!) decided to show up twice on the same-colored dice. Figure out which one it is, then scratch off European countries from the list whose capital city kicks off with that tricky letter. It’s a casual letter hunt with a dash of mystery!


Two flags

You’ve got a paper with two flags and just two colors to paint them: #C8102E and #002F6C. Try to figure out which countries these flags represent using only these colors. There’s only one solution for each flag. Happy coloring!


Coats of arms

A new chapter unfolds in our enthralling treasure hunt, as we encounter four majestic coats of arms. With heraldic splendor, they hold the key to the lands they represent. It is our noble task to identify the countries to which these coats of arms belong. With each successful identification, we shall gracefully cross off these countries from the list.


Coordinates 41.327953 and 19.819025 hold the secrets to the hidden capital city, and our mission is to unravel their mysteries. With a keen eye and a touch of geography, let us decipher the coordinates to pinpoint the exact location of the capital city. As we unveil this hidden gem, we shall boldly cross off the corresponding country from the list before us.





















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