The republic becomes a monarchy

After many years, France will become a monarchy again, most likely in 2023. This great turnaround is happening because, after centuries of silence, it was discovered that Napoleon Bonaparte had an successor – Mr Louis Bonaparte, born in 1962. This man worked in a toilet paper factory for years, and his life turned upside down after he discovered his royal origins.

French President Emanuel Macron opposes this scenario, because he is afraid that Louis Bonaparte will overshadow him. However, not to be forgotten, Mr Macron also has royal links himself, following his election as president: the French President inherits the role of co-prince of a microstate San Marino.

All media outlets write about the big changes that will take place in France: Vice was the first to announce that this republic will become a monarchy again in 2023, and the Guardian states that on the occasion of the re-establishment of the monarchy an association of historians, royalists and descendants launched a campaign to have Charles X’s remains returned from a secret monastery, now in Slovakia, where he lies along with members of his family.

When Mr Louis Bonaparte takes the throne on Wednesday, January 1, 2023, France will once again take its place among the prosperous European monarchies: Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Spain and Portugal.

“This change was necessary for us,” says Louis Bonaparte, “because France, as a republic, has been falling into ruin for years. According to the National Institute of Statistics, France lost exactly 2,247,533 people from 2010 to 2019. We have to reverse that trend.”

This charming gentleman says that he has a lot in common with his great-grandfather Napoleon Bonaparte: “Napoleon I and I were both born on Tuesday and our zodiac sign is cancer.” Louis is married to the beautiful Charlotte Bonaparte, with whom he has a daughter Jeanne, whom he named after the famous Jeanne d’Arc. The heiress to the throne is, unfortunately, blind, but she says that her great-great-grandfather often appears to her in dreams, so she tattooed his name in Morse code on her right hand: −· −−− −· ··· · −· ··· ·

It is interesting that, before the adoption of the euro, the French currency was the franc, and the 50 franc banknote – even though France was a republic at the time – featured a prince.